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All Bible Translations[3822 Bibles]
English Bibles
Amplified Bible (AMP)[41 Bibles]
Contemporary English Version (CEV)[9 Bibles]
English Standard Version (ESV)[314 Bibles]
Geneva (GNV)[3 Bibles]
God's Word (GWD)[4 Bibles]
Good News Translation (GNT)[8 Bibles]
Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)[178 Bibles]
International Children's Bible (ICB)[30 Bibles]
Jerusalem Bible (JER)[1 Bibles]
King James Version (KJV)[891 Bibles]
Living Translation (LVB)[1 Bibles]
Multiple Translations[57 Bibles]
New American Bible (NAB)[83 Bibles]
New American Standard - 1977 (NASB)[37 Bibles]
New American Standard - Updated[65 Bibles]
New Century Version (NCV)[3 Bibles]
New English Translation (NET)[3 Bibles]
New International Reader's Version (NRV)[69 Bibles]
New International Version (NIV)[718 Bibles]
New King James Version (NKJV)[561 Bibles]
New Living Translation (NLT)[253 Bibles]
New Revised Version (NRS)[62 Bibles]
Other Translations[141 Bibles]
Revised English Bible (REB)[5 Bibles]
Revised Standard Version (RSV)[6 Bibles]
The Message (MSG)[44 Bibles]
Today's New International Version[3 Bibles]
Spanish Bibles
LaBiblia de las Americas (LBL)[6 Bibles]
Neuvo Version Internacional (NVI)[19 Bibles]
Reina Valera (RVR)[185 Bibles]
Other Languages
Other Languagues[22 Bibles]
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